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We love it when the whole family wants to come! For the enjoyment of all participants, private room rentals are required for groups containing children 12 and younger.  Just click 'private event' button when you select the number of tickets to ensure you have purchased the entire room (use one of promotions above to get a deal). 

If you'd like to bring participants under the age of 13, we can accommodate that!  *Must be accompanied by at least 1 adult

                      ​ Select 'private event' button and place kids in 13-17 age category along with at least 1 adult ticket or call 763-777-9447

                       to book your private event.

PURCHASE 10 or more tickets (for a single game), only $20 each! 

                Use promo code: 10_More

Send us a message via the contact us page to get added to our newsletter for upcoming promotions!​

Puzzles is a live-action escape-the-room experience where teams are locked in a room full of hidden clues and puzzles and must use their wits and teamwork to escape in the one hour time limit! A truly unique morale and team building adventure.

The traditional escape game experience is approximately 80 minutes.

15 minutes - Arrive 15 minutes early for introductions and rules

60 minutes - Puzzling and Escaping!
5 minutes - Answer questions, take group photo

Allow double (or triple) time for entire group to complete two or more rooms.

Each room can accommodate 10-15 people per hour; for a total accommodation of 50 people.  Essentially, two, three, or four rooms will start at the same time and, depending on your selection, groups can switch and complete the one or more of the rooms.  This will allow your entire group the same experience or a chance to try two of the three rooms.

Scheduling is handled on a per-team basis; price is dependent on size of group.  

Please email us for a quote and availability!

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