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Puzzle Master: Customer Service

Job description:  Puzzle Masters are responsible for running experiences, which guests come to for a group activity.

This is a part-time position, casual (no guaranteed hours)


  •   Ensure guests receive the desired experience as outlined by management.
  • Greet guests; facilitate check-in to ensure games start promptly
  • Speaking with small to large groups to introduce the experience, communicate game rules and instructions
  • Manage the game: operating surveillance equipment, controlling game clock & communicating clues via the clue delivery systems.
  • Meticulously reset game rooms with great attention to detail. Instructions are provided and must be double-checked to confirm accuracy.
  • Adapting & overcoming issues using quick thinking & problem-solving.
  • Debriefing duties. Further explain the experiences to ensure all understand what was missed or clarify tasks completed; take picture for Facebook; help to collect their personal effects (keeping on schedule to ensure no delays in following groups)
  • Opening & closing operational responsibilities.  


  • Flexible and FUN personality. Keeping on task while having a good time!
  • Must be at least sixteen (16) years old to apply.  
  • High initiative, self-motivated and a quick learner. 
  • Proficient with computers, especially Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Outgoing, easy to talk to, and must feel comfortable speaking in front of and controlling a large group of people.
  • Can-do attitude with a no-task-to-small mindset.
  • Must be available most weekends and evenings
  • Required to work weekends – some games are planned last minute; flexibility is appreciated!

If you are interested, please submit the form below or send an email to 

Include past experience with customer service, availability, and why you want to work at Puzzles.


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